Friday, September 11, 2009

Clinical Scenario Introduction

Hi all.

As a part of this this blog I'd like to occasionally present some hypothetical (and perhaps some not-so-hypothetical) cases with some questions for readers to answer. A lot of the questions will relate to how your ambulance service would handle the call - namely your policy or clinical practice guidelines or whatever you follow.

Also, the questions will relate to your own scope of practice - whether you be a First-Aider, Volunteer Ambulance Officer, Student Paramedic, Paramedic, Critical Care Paramedic, EN, RN, Doctor - whatever! The more allied health professional involvement, the better!

These cases will be presented in categories:
  • Anaphylaxis,
  • Circulatory,
  • Environmental,
  • General,
  • Gynaecological,
  • Medications,
  • Metabolic,
  • Neurological,
  • Obstetrical,
  • Paediatric,
  • Psychiatric,
  • Respiratory,
  • Toxicology,
  • Trauma, and
  • Urological.

The rough format these scenarios will follow is:

  1. Initial emergency call.
  2. Prima facie presentation.
  3. Patient examination/assessment.
  4. Patient history available.
  5. Scenario questions.

Hopefully these scenarios will be as educational and insightful to you as to me.

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